Kinglsey Moor Shooting Ground Covid-19

Restriction Policy and Booking In Procedure

Week Day Shoot Pre-Registration:

If possible please pre-book in.

You will now be able to call KMSG to pre-register your entry for our next shoot. Our Pre-Arrival Payment Booking Service will also be available from the Monday prior to the shoot, from 09.30 pm until 4.30 pm and then from 09.30 am until 4.30 pm on Tuesday to Friday.

You can call direct on 07983 630509 or 07977 037391 (Monday to Friday - 09.30am until 4.30pm) to book in.


If you haven't Pre-Registered.

Booking in on the day will be from 09.30 am until 12.30 pm, but please bear in mind you may have to wait a while depending on how busy we are.

Upon Arrival

On arrival if you have pre-registered and pre-paid, you will be sent directly to your first stand, you will then follow the one-way system and shoot the stands in sequential order.

If you need to pay on the day, you will then be directed to your shooting stand once you have paid at the registration area.

COVID-19 Policy

To help reduce the risk to our customers and staff we need to do the following:-

Once on the grounds please adhere to our strict new COVID-19 signage to remind you about social distancing and the safety of yourself and that of others.

We ask you to please adhere to the Governments 2 meter rule at all times whilst here, it applies everywhere on the shooting ground. 

1. We will continue with the "Squadding" System.

2. Squads of 6 will be sent out at 10-minute intervals, a squad may break up if the next stand is vacant.

3. Everyone will start at Stand 1.

4. If we have a delay on a stand or a breakdown, it is left to the discretion of KMSG Staff to move squads to other stands.

5. If a Squad is delaying progress around the course at the KMSG Staff discretion they may be required to split their squad or be overtaken by squads behind them.

Thank you.

As always our priority is to keep people safe.


UPDATED: 17/08/2020 - Pre- Register Booking System:

If you pre-register and pay in advance there is no need to queue, just collect your number and head straight to the stand.


UPDATE: 17/08/2020

Following the number of people not booking in and turning up on the day. We would ask our regular visitors to phone in and book a time slot, as we need to ensure that there is no queuing at the stands.

From now on you will be offered a time slot and all Shooters will go through all the stands in an incremental order starting at Stand 1.

Please arrive on time prior to your start time otherwise you may miss your allocated slot.

We will have a maximum of up to 6 per squad as our markers do not travel with the squads.

We will also be operating a one-way system around the ground, please adhere to the safety rules.

Please note there will be NO Pool Shoot for the time being.

Shooters should wear normal PPE for shooting, but we would highly recommend people to wear gloves and masks, this is at the shooter’s discretion.

Please feel free to use our "Sanitisation Stations" which will be set up around the shooting ground.

Please note this booking system will be in place until the guidelines change from the Government and CPSA. This will be the new normal for now.

Shooting Lodge - Toilets

We will be operating a one person in and one person out system in the Shooting Lodge, it will only be in use for the toilets. Checking in will take place outside the Shooting Lodge.


Kitchen (UPDATED - 6/7/2020)

We have just had some good news, our kitchen will now be open on Sunday for food and refreshments. Please note though we will have a limited menu initially.




Thank you for your interest and your continued support, we are really looking forward to welcoming you to Kingsley Moor Shooting Ground.