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We shoot every 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. Pre-Booking will be available from the Monday prior, 12.00pm until 4.30pm and then for the rest of the week until Friday Evening. 

09.30am until 4.30pm

(Please Click on the Covid Banner above for more details)

In light of the Governments Announcement on Saturday of another months "Lockdown" due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have taken a very tough decision to close our Shooting Ground during this Lockdown. We are aiming to re-open again for our 1st Shoot of the month being Sunday 13th of December 2020. Please note this may also be further extended if the Government make the decision to extend the current Lockdown period. We are very sorry to bring you this news but we feel it is the right decision due to the current circumstances, peoples safety have to be our number one priority. Thank you for understanding and we hope you all stay safe. KMSG


Sunday 12th January

Sunday 26th January

Sunday 9th February

Sunday 23rd February

Sunday 8th March

Sunday 22nd March - Cancelled

Sunday 12th April - Cancelled

Sunday 26th April - Cancelled

Sunday 10th May - Cancelled

Sunday 24th May - Cancelled

Sunday 14th June - Cancelled

Sunday 28th June - Re-Opening

Sunday 12th July

Sunday 26th July

Sunday 9th August

Sunday 23rd August

Sunday 13th September

Sunday 27th September

Sunday 11th October

Sunday 25th October

Sunday 8th November - Cancelled

Sunday 22nd November - Cancelled

Sunday 13th December - Re-Opening

Sunday 27th December - Open

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